Business Relocation Vs. Data Center Relocation: Why The Latter Is The Better Option

Posted on: 21 October 2017

It happens. Sometimes businesses grow so rapidly that they run out of room where they are located. Sometimes it is not the physical expansion so much as it is the virtual expansion. You could start with twenty employees, and still have the same twenty employees but need a lot more virtual space than what you first had starting out. You can then choose to relocate the entire business to a larger office space, or you can just choose to relocate your data center. Here is why the latter is the better option.

Money, Money, Money

Relocating an entire business to a larger office space to accommodate more data center towers is extremely costly. Renting more space for the entire business is even more costly because you cannot write this expense off on your business taxes. In fact, if you rented a larger office space for your entire company, you would be spending about five times as much as you would if you had only chosen data center relocation services. (This is an approximation; it could be higher or lower depending on where your main office is located.)

Think about that for a second. If you relocate the entire business to a bigger office space, and you rent that space for the paltry sum of $10,000 a month, and data relocation is only $2,000 a month, that is a lot of money you could have redirected back into the business. It just makes better business sense to relocate the data center towers (usually offsite), expand on the data center towers and services, and put the remaining money toward something else your business really needs.

More Virtual Space

Another good reason for relocating just your data center is that you can continue to expand your virtual space as you need to and when you need to. With all of your data centers in one location elsewhere, you can ask your provider for more data center/virtual storage space. The towers in which all of your company data is stored are often located in a giant warehouse space that will allow you to continue to expand your virtual space almost indefinitely. Meanwhile, you and your twenty start-up employees can stay right where you are until moving the entire company is more feasible and logical.

Better Data Security

When you relocate your data center towers to a larger, shared data center space, there is greater company security. No one can break into your company's data center room and hack the towers. Cyber attacks and cyber hacks are prevented by the firewall protection used by your data center service provider. Proprietary information is safely stored offsite.

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